For all computers, new and old, there is an upgrade just for you. Upgrades help you to run the latest software or games without buying a new computer or they can help you to use your computer in new, exciting ways.

A few great things

  • Upgrade your computer
  • Improve performance & functionality
  • Mac & Windows covered
  • Secure recycling of old parts
  • Specialist upgrades are completed at our dedicated repair centre

From €35.00


Technology seems to move on a lightning pace leaving, there is always something new to do or try with your computer. New software and games demand more and more from our hardware and it can seem like a never ending battle keeping up.

Your secret weapon in the software battle is the computer upgrade. Instead of buying an expensive new computer you can swap the nuts and bolts inside for new go faster parts, or you can add something new, like a printer or a mobile broadband dongle.

The Knowhow team are on hand to give you simple, non techie advice on the best way to upgrade or add to your computer. There’s no need to get your hands dirty because we can install your new upgrades for you.

Knowing what to upgrade can be confusing but don’t worry. Visit the Knowhow Service Bar in your local PC World or Currys and we can help you make the right choice.

Popular upgrades include:

  • Printers to let you make your own photo albums, with the pictures you want
  • Mobile broadband dongles, letting you use the Internet even when you're not on Wi-Fi
  • RAM (memory) to make Windows run faster and smoother
  • Hard Drive for storing more documents, photos, videos and music
  • Graphics Card for the latest games and HD movies
  • Blu-Ray drive to watch Blu-Ray HD movies
  • Wireless Card to connect to your home network without messy cables
  • Sound Card for people who like the very best sound for music making

Bring your computer into the store, or tell us what model you own and we can tell you what hardware will work with your computer.

In store service €35

Specialist lab service €50

Know it all

Hardware Install service is available through your local Knowhow Service Bar or via our Specialist Repair Centre and includes the following features:

  • A chat with a Knowhow expert to find out what you want to do with your computer and what hardware will work best with your desktop or laptop
  • Professional installation of the hardware in store
  • We’ll give your computer a thorough clean inside and out to remove dust that build up and can cause your computer to overheat
  • Our specialists will run a thorough test on your computer to make sure the newly installed hardware is working correctly
  • When your computer is ready we’ll give you a call to let you know it’s ready to collect from your store
  • A Knowhow team member will give you a demonstration of your new hardware and answer any questions
  • The old part (if there was one) will be returned in a protective bag, or we can recycle it for you if you don’t want the part back
  • Your hardware installation is covered by our 12 month guarantee
  • Your computer will normally be upgraded while you wait

Full terms and conditions can be found here.


From €35.00

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