If you accidentally delete important files, photos or home videos we can help. Our state of the art technology can recover your lost or deleted files from Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows computers.

A few great things

  • Lost or deleted files recovered
  • Files put onto DVD, USB stick or external hard drive
  • Old hard drive securely recycled
  • Mac & Windows computers



If you’re anything like us then your computer’s hard drive is full to the brim with really important stuff. There are digital photos from holidays, nights out and the kid’s school play. MP3 music files made through hours of copying your old CDs to your media library. Oh and all your documents and files. Our computers have become store houses for all our digital memories.

Hopefully you keep a backup of these precious memories because computers can go wrong and all those files can be lost. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation with no backup we can still help.

The Knowhow team are experts at finding lost files and rescuing them for thousands of people across the UK. We use state of the art data recovery software that can find files on damaged hard drives in Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows PCs.

Pop into your local PC World or Currys store and have a chat with one of the Knowhow team to see how we can help you.

Know it all

The Knowhow Data Recovery service uses state of the art data recovery systems to hunt down and find deleted or damaged files on Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows PCs.

  • We’ll have a chat with you to find out what files you have lost and want us to find
  • Advise you which method is best for rescuing your files. We may need to send your hard drive or memory to a specialist recovery lab for files that are heavily damaged. We'll let you know the cost if needed
  • Your files will be rescued to DVD,USB stick or a new hard drive depending on what you need
  • Your old hard drive or memory stick will be returned to you
  • If you don’t want your old hard drive back we can securely recycle it for you, helping to protect the environment and your identity
  • Supports Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows PCs

Full terms and conditions can be found here.



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