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Welcome to a very active fountain of knowledge. We've found the following articles for you, which may not turn you into Einstein but we hope will at least help you discover something new. You'll see that each article gives you an estimate of how long a task should take and a level of detail rating which is based on our readers' ratings. Feel free to do the same too, if you'd like to.

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  1. What to look for when buying a vacuum cleaner

    There's no getting away from it - floors, walls, curtains and even pets need cleaning from time to time. The invention of the vacuum cleaner over

  2. There's a burning smell coming from my vacuum cleaner

    Vacuum cleaners make a fairly distinctive smell while you use them to clean your floors, so if you suddenly detect a whiff of smoke it might be cause

  3. How can I help the HEPA filter on my vacuum last longer?

    With one in three people in the UK suffering from some kinds of allergies, many new vacuums are fitted with increased filtering. Now that you've

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