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Welcome to a very active fountain of knowledge. We've found the following articles for you, which may not turn you into Einstein but we hope will at least help you discover something new. You'll see that each article gives you an estimate of how long a task should take and a level of detail rating which is based on our readers' ratings. Feel free to do the same too, if you'd like to.

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  1. Why is my iron not heating up?

    A cold iron is no use at all. Mostly, it's easier just to buy a replacement, but in some cases the problem can be easily fixed. Follow the guide

  2. Can I use tap water in my steam iron?

    Most irons these days can be used with tap water but if you live in a particularly hard water area, you risk damaging the iron and it spitting ru

  3. Ironing tips for crease-free shirts

    If there’s one item of clothing guaranteed to make the reluctant ironer crumple under pressure it’s the shirt. Time consuming, awkward and if don

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