Your new Kindle / E-reader set up so it's ready to go.

A few great things

  • Create your account
  • Download free or trial ebooks
  • Demonstrate key features



A Kindle or eReader is a wondrous way to download and enjoy engrossing books in a handy handheld format, without the need to carry around paperbacks in your bag on your busy commute or to your holiday sun lounger. With over a million titles available for download you can store hundreds of your favourite books on your device at any one time.

With our Kindle / eReader Set Up & Demo service, we'll make sure you're ready to make the most out of your device from the moment you leave our stores. From setting up your device, to registering your Kindle or eReader and creating your new account, we'll take you through every step.

Know it all

Our Kindle / eReader Set Up & Demo covers every part of the journey from buying your device to relaxing in your favourite chair with your favourite book. The service includes:

  • Kindle / eReader set up and configuration with an explanation of how to use it
  • Registering your Kindle / eReader for you and then setting up of an account online for you to use
  • How to download eBooks and give you some demonstrations using free or trial eBooks
  • Talk you through all the settings and areas of your Kindle / eReader and demonstrate the key features to make sure the device is set how you want it, and you know how you can change it in the future

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