Our great value Computer Healthcheck is all you need to keep your computer running smoothly. We'll check Windows is OK and remove nasty viruses and spyware.

A few great things

  • MOT for your computer
  • Viruses & spyware removed
  • Hardware upgrade advice


Many of us remember to get our cars serviced every year to make sure they are running in tip-top condition but did you know that your computer can also benefit from the same sort of care? We ask our computers to do a lot; play music, edit our photos and home movies and let us surf the Internet. Over time your computer can become clogged with unwanted software, old files and even spyware and viruses. Just like a car, your computer should be serviced every year so that you get the best performance possible.

Drop your desktop, laptop or netbook into your local Knowhow Service Bar at PC World and Currys and we’ll give it a full service. We look at Windows, software and hardware to make sure they are all running smoothly. We’ll check for any nasty viruses and spyware that might be lurking on your hard drive and remove them.

Your computer will be cleaned and we will give you advice on any upgrades you may need to get the most from the software you have installed.

Know it all

We want you to enjoy your computer for many years, so we’ve created a comprehensive Computer Healthcheck service to keep your desktop, laptop or netbook in peak health.

  • When you come to the store we’ll explain how Computer Healthcheck works and ask if you have any specific problems you need us to look at
  • Leave your computer with us and we’ll carry out a comprehensive check of your computer’s hardware and software
  • We’ll schedule any Windows updates that need to be installed
  • Your computer will be optimised and tweaked for best performance
  • Any nasty bugs, viruses and spyware that we find will be removed
  • Your computer will be cleaned inside and out to remove dust and grime that builds up
  • When you collect your computer we’ll take you through our report and let you know if your computer needs any upgrades
  • We’ll make Recovery DVDs for your computer if you haven’t had time to do it yourself. This will let you reinstall Windows if things go wrong and could save you £40 buying the discs in future

Full terms and conditions can be found here.


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