Moving files and settings from your old computer to your shiny new one just got easier. Our Data Transfer service moves files, photos, music, videos and settings saving you time and stress.

A few great things

  • We move your files & folders to your new computer
  • We'll transfer all your music, videos & photos
  • Mac & Windows supported



The worst part about buying a new computer is moving all your files, photos, videos, music and settings from your old computer. It’s dull, boring and takes forever. We know that you just want to start using your new computer and not have to worry about files and folders.

The Knowhow Team in your local PC World or Currys store can do all that boring stuff for you with our Data Transfer service. We can help you move to your new Microsoft Windows PC or Apple Mac in no time.

The Knowhow Data Transfer service can help you move from:

  • Windows PC to Windows PC
  • Apple Mac to Apple Mac
  • Windows PC to Apple Mac
  • Apple Mac to Windows PC

Know it all

Our Data Transfer service makes moving your files to your new Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows PC easy peasy.

  • A Knowhow expert will have a quick chat with you to explain what is going to happen and what files you want to move from your old Apple Mac, or Microsoft Windows PC
  • Leave it with us and we’ll get on with moving your files using our state-of-the-art kit
  • We’ll give you a call to let you know when we are done
  • Your Knowhow expert will give you a report on what files have been moved and show you your new computer working with your files
  • If you plan on installing Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp we can transfer your files to an external hard drive in a format that Mac and Windows can read
  • Ask us any questions you might have, we’re here to help

Full terms and conditions can be found here.



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