Getting rid of your old computer or hard drive? We can fully wipe your hard drive to permanently remove your files and folders. Great for protecting your identity and privacy.

A few great things

  • Securely erase all data on your computer
  • Protect your identity
  • We can recycle your computer



There comes a time in every computer’s life when it can no longer help us do the things we want to do. You may want to give it to a family member, friend or charity; or you just want to throw it away. We’ve all seen the stories in the news about criminals stealing personal and banking details from old hard drives, so you may be wondering how to stop this from happening?

The Knowhow Team can help you dispose of your old computer safely and securely with our Data Wipe service. Data Wipe uses state of the art technology to securely erase and cleanse all data from your hard drive. Our Data Wipe service uses government approved standards to make sure cyber criminals can’t get their hands on your identity.

Important note

This service will permanently delete all files and software on your computer’s hard drive. We advise you backup your files before your hard drive is erased.


Know it all

The Knowhow Data Wipe service uses the latest methods to erase your hard drive and includes the features below.

  • A chat with a Knowhow expert who will explain how Data Wipe works and answer any questions you have for us
  • We’ll use our specialist equipment to erase and destroy all data on your hard drive. This will prevent the files from ever being recovered
  • Your hard drive will be returned to you along with a report detailing what has been done
  • If you wish, we can recycle your hard drive helping you protect the environment



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